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Servin​g the Greenfield & Close-in surrounding area.

​​ We're not your typical pet care providers


​​​Puppy Playgroup 

 (Offered Mon - Fri) -  ​$ 20 a session
 We offer puppy specific playgroups. Ideal for socializing your puppy in a safe, healthy envornment. We pick up your puppy from your home, they will then play in our safe fenced in area with other compatible puppies. Then we return them to your home. A.M. or P.M. time frames to be determined.


 (Offered Mon - Fri) - $ 20 a session.
We pick up after Noon, we drop off by 3 pm. 
​ We pick up your dog from your home, they will then play in our safe fenced in area with other compatible dogs. Then we return them to your home.
Offering small dog and big dog groups. We assess your pup and place him/her into the proper playgroup.

​​On-Leash Dog Walking & Home Visits

$15 per dog for 45 minute walk. 2nd dog $5 off. Home visits $15 - $20 (Offered 7 days a week)
We offer on-leash walks at whatever time of day your pup most needs to get out, stretch their legs, do their business and smell the smells they love. Maybe your pooch doesn't need a walk but needs a break from their kennel and some play and excercise. We can provide that for them as well.

Personalized Pet Care

Price varies depending on pet(s) and care.
Lets chat about what your pet care needs are and create personalized arrangements. We will come to your house and care for your cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, gerbils, any critters really. In some cases we even offer in home overnight care. Please contact us to discuss.

Companion Animal Portraits

Price varies depending on pet(s), Starting at $75.
​One hour professional photo session for your beloved animal companion(s). Includes editing and as many digital photos as we can capture, usually about 10 - 15 photos. You will keep the digital files and then can print as many as you would like at your discretion. Check out the PHOTOGRAPHY page to see my portfolio.

Yard Poo Pick-Up

Price based on yard size and frequency, starts at $10.
Yes, you read right. We will come and pick up and dispose of the dog poo in your yard!

All Day Dog Camp